A team of communication experts including Ghanaians living abroad have applied to the National Communication Authority (NCA) for a license to provide an alternative Nationwide Telecommunication Network in Ghana. The new network would be competing with the Ghana Telecom and Western TeleSystems.

In a briefing on the alternative telecommunications network, Bing Aidoo, Chief Executive of One Dial Communications, Ghana, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) Business Desk in Accra that One Dial will introduce fixed and mobile wireless communication infrastructure and service in conjunction with its joint venture partner, Star Communication of the USA.

"This would be a simple, affordable and efficient communication service to each region in Ghana offering the largest consumer market for voice, data, and Internet service in a growing world of satellite communication technology."

He said the team is poised to redefine how business is carried out and establish a system in Ghana, which would be an adjunct to the Multi-National Single Communication Network in Africa.

Mr Bing was keen to bring the deal to Ghana and urged government and other stakeholders to make it work since it holds the potential of creating employment for over 600 employees nationwide. Mr Bing said the transaction would represent the largest wireless backbone with substantial gateways to allow speed and uninterrupted wireless communication network within and outside Ghana. He said the Multi-nation Communication Network would enable One Dial Communication, Ghana, to negotiate better pricing and delivery arrangements.

"Areas that would benefit immensely are the internet, financial service arrangements to deliver goods and services, including dedicated and secured networks, ATM’s including other point of delivery, applications for government and the consumer market," adding that, " our network would operate effectively on 400 and 1,900 band with our specific equipment designed by Huawei and other Chinese and Canadian equipment manufacturers.

Mr Bing told the GNA that their alternative would not hurt the Ghana telecom or Westel, "it would rather improve the services of the two current operators and provide consumers with efficiency and affordability. Access to Internet would be more affordable and subscribers and café operators would no longer be charged twice. "A fixed fee for the telephone line, which goes to the ISP would be negotiated between the ISP and the national communication carrier, he added.