M-Web Zimbabwe developed Easy Set-Up, a new programme designed to speed up internet and e-mail connections for the company’s customers. Developed by M-Web Zimbabwe’s Mike Ehret over the past three months, Easy Set-Up is what the company claims is "the first super-compact connection programme of its kind in Africa".

The programme will automatically configure Personal Computer (PC) settings to make connection quick and easy. Manual installations would no longer be needed, nor would there be a need to call in a technician to help with initial connection. If reconfiguration of settings was needed at any other time, that task could be executed by rerunning the Easy Set-Up programme.

The programme was designed for compliance with Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. For implementation, users would need Windows 95B or 95 OSR2 or better, Outlook Express Version 5.0 or better, Internet Explorer version 5.0 or better, and an installed modem.

To run Easy Set-Up, a user would double click on the programme, fill in required information such as subscription type, location, nearest dial-in number, name, user name, password and e-mail address and then select modem. The user will then click the "next" button to enable configuration, and in the next two or three seconds, details would be displayed on the screen.

A built-in help tool would be available on the programme to give users step-by-step assistance and a call could then be made to M- Web’s customer services to obtain further help if needed.