The on-line content market is currently supporting a surge in systems designed to simplify the web development process, some of which simultaneously provide editing tools that enable content control by the end user. These publishing systems are can be seen as separate from Content Management Solutions as Web Publishing Systems and Content Management Systems operate on different levels of the virtual content spectrum.

One new release is Platform-Basic, which is a Web Publishing System designed to produce higher-level environments of participation within the web procession, without compromising functionality or stability. Created to satisfy a range of parties from Advanced Developers through to non-technical end users, this system capitalises on these sub-markets by drawing demand from both ends of the website procurement process.

Platform-Basic is Java based, and low-level code has been wrapped into a tag-based Application Programmers Interface to provide developers with the tools for advanced site development without a necessity to have the appropriate back-end skills. Also, websites created with Platform-Basic will inherently provide an editor-authoring tool for end user content control that is driven via a non-technical interface through the web.

Platform-Basic believes it has "a globally classed product that has been created within the African context. Products of this status originating offshore are known to be financially prohibitive, and difficult to source. Retailing in Rands, Platform-Basic provides excellent solutions at very competitive prices and aims to provide real value while lowering the total cost of ownership of all parties".

"Basic exists as the first version in the Platform brand family and gives stability to an expanding industry within an unpredictable environment. Platform-Basic offers a self-contained and logical web solution that does not drain expertise, resources or funds".