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Investors in the Media sector in Africa (2016)

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Publication date: 1 June 2016
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Who are the investors for media sector in Africa?

Description: This report provides a list of investors within the media sector in Africa, as well as trends and opportunities to help entrepreneurs raise funds. The report also highlights key segments' opportunities within the media ecosystem across Africa in 2016-2017.

Report's Key data:

A separate excel document lists 5 main tables including company contact details when available, as follows:

Investors in the Media sector in Africa (2016) - Image 1

5 analysts and writers produced this report between 2014 and 2016.

Who should read this report? 

CEOs, CFOs, Heads of Strategy and M&A from telecoms companies, startups, infrastructure owners and equipment providers, regulators and advisers from government departments, telecoms, media and technology sector heads from investment banks, investors, financiers and advisers and other decision makers in the African media sector.

Why should you read this report? 

The report will save months of research time and cut costs and is essential reading for anyone involved, or planning to engage in the African media sector. Investors, governments, startups, consultants, analysts, media groups, telcos or executives trying to identify who/where the existing and upcoming TMT investments opportunities are in Africa will find key answers in this piece of research. The report is part of standard market intelligence for investors, telecoms, technology and media professionals active in African regions. 

Table of Contents

Executive summary



Research scope, methodology and objectives


1. Definitions

1.1 Media sector

1.2 Investors, investment types and processes

1.3 Investors’ strategies

1.4 Assessing opportunities 

1.5 Financing opportunities 


2. Key drivers and opportunities by segment

2.1 The market 

2.1.1 Consumers in Africa 

2.1.2 African diasporas 

2.1.3 Other communities keen on African media services


2.2  Opportunities in the media sector


3. Challenges in the media sector


4. Key investors in the media sector in Africa



About the authors

Balancing Act

Investors in the Media sector in Africa (2016) - Image 2

Investors in the Media sector in Africa (2016) - Image 3

List of Tables, Charts and Maps.



Tags: investment,investissement, Afrique/Africa, startups, growth opportunities,opportunités, objectifs du Millenium, UN/ONU, market study, report, étude de marché, rapport.

Price: £350.00

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