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Sports: The African Sports TV Market (May 2014)

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Publication date: 1 May 2014
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Huge opportunities to invest and develop the African Sports TV Market!

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New report: The African Sports TV Market (May 2014)

Released May 2014 -4 months research. Report written in English.

Key data found in this report

Sports' content is very popular across Africa.

We polled TV channels in Africa through an online survey, sports experts, sports programmes distributors and advertising agencies to uncover sport TV programmes available, budgets spent on sports, major opportunities, toughest challenges and top objectives for 2014. New facts are coming out.

On average sports TV programmes represent about half of interviewed African TV channels' annual budgets.

A total of 22 African TV broadcasters covering 28 countries contributed to the survey.

What did we find out?

Plenty of opportunities to improve the sports ecconomy in Africa: Grow and diversify the sports content (co)production sector, set up unions for rights distribution, clarify sports rights' regulations, increase the African sports coverage across Africa and globally, and much more.

Get amazing insight from this market report. 

Read this report to discover:


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Top Sports broadcast in Africa

Executive Summary (sample)

This report is an inaugural research on the African Sports TV Market. Its emphasis is on the supply and demand of the African sports TV ecosystem. The survey results that we have analysed and the few TV audience stats that we have managed to gather across several African countries provide the following observations:

Africa is a new, complex and relatively untapped market for sports on TV. The sports’ programme segment in Africa is largely under-developed despite several paradoxes; the fact that Africa holds 1) a very strong sports audience, especially for football programmes (among a continent of 100 M. TV households), 2) a large number of TV channels and radio stations, 3) a pool of talented international sports’ players.

The population of the African continent has access to about (number in the report) TV channels and to a growing number of DTT platforms  (estimate by platform in the report) and mobile networks (tablets, smartphones), but it has a limited number of sports-dedicated channels and most of them needs a pay TV subscription.

The bulk of Sports TV programmes showing in Africa is a mix of African and European content together with content from the rest of the World.



List of charts, tables and maps 6

Executive Summary 11

Research objectives, scope, methodology 15


1.1.1. African Population Dynamics 17

1.1.2. Africa is rising 20

1.1.3. Growing Workforce 21

1.1.4. Social Mobility 22

1.1.5. African Consumer Dynamics 22

1.1.6. Consumer Market 26

1.2. African Sports TV Ecosystem: 30

1.2.1. Supply 34

1.2.2. Transmission 42

1.2.3. Demand 43


2.1. Results: 62

2.1.1. Broadcasters 62

2.1.2. African Sports TV Content Suppliers 91


Broadcasters 102

1. Platforms 102

2. Limited number of Sports TV channels 104

3. The dominance of football 108

4. Sports TV Audience Demographics 111

5. Sports Rights Sharing 112

6. Sports Budget 113

7. Constraints in Acquiring Content 118

8. Research and Market Intelligence 118

9. Sports Programming Airtime 119

10. Sports Programming ROI 119

11. Sports Transmission 122

12. Football Content vs. Non Football Content 124

13. Local Sports Content vs. International Sports Content 126

Suppliers 131

1. Profile of Suppliers 131

2. African Market Perception 132


The African Economic Boom and its impact on the African TV Sports Market 144

The Effects of Digital Migration on the African Sports TV Market 147

The Global Sports Economy 149

Diversification of African Sports Consumption Mediums:

Mobile and Internet 156

SWOT analysis 160

Opportunities for African sports TV programmes 166

Conclusion 169


Chart 1: Africa Population Size – 2010 to 2050 projection 17

Map 1: Most populated African countries, 2011. 19

Table 1: Top 10 African countries with the highest population, 2011. 20

Chart 2: African Economic Growth Outlook 20

Chart 3: African Workforce Growth. 21

Chart 4: African Social Mobility Growth. 22

Chart 5: African Disposable Income Growth. 23

Chart 6: African Consumption Appetite Growth 24

Chart 7: African Consumer Expenditure Growth 25

Chart 8: African Consumer Market Forecast 26

Chart 9: Categories of the African Consumers 27

Chart 10: Quality As a Determinant for African Consumer Behaviour 28

Chart 11: Brand Consciousness As a Determinant for African Consumer Behaviour 28

Chart 12: Brand Loyalty As a Determinant for African Consumer Behaviour 29

Figure 1: African Sports TV Ecosystem 30

Table 2: 25 major Sports TV content providers to TV broadcasters present in Africa 34

Table 3 and related charts – CAF Financial report, 2010 (Yr end 30 June) 39

Chart 13 – Sports Agency model – example by UFA, March 2014. 42

Table 4 – Examples of rights fees paid by African TV channels for sports programmes: 43

Table 5 – Key benefits and opportunities of promoting sports in a country – by stakeholder 46

Map 2: African TV Broadcasting Market Overview 50

Map 3: African Language Overview 51

Map 4: African Regions Overview 51

Table 6: Number of free to air terrestrial TV channel by country in Africa 52

Map 5: African FTA TV Channels Concentration 54

Chart 14: The African Pay TV Market. 55

Table 7: African PayTV Regional Subscription Numbers 55

Table 8: African Top 9 PayTV Providers – number of subscribers and forecasts – 2012 to 2018 56

Table 9: Total Number of African Pay TV subscribers 57


Table 10: Sub-Saharan African Population, TV Households, Mobile Subscribers, Internet Users 58

Chart 15: Summary: Sub-Saharan African Population, TV Households, Mobile Subscribers, Internet Users 60

Chart 16: Origins of the Broadcasters Who Participated in the survey 62

Table 11: Number of TV broadcaster contributions by country - Africa 63

Chart 17: No. of Broadcaster Contributions by countries 64

Chart 18: Type of Organisation for Broadcaster Participants 64

Chart 19: Participant’s Broadcasting Platforms 65

Chart 20: Participant’s Sports Channel ownership 65

Chart 21: Origins of Sports Content Transmitted 66

Chart 22: Sports Transmitted by the broadcasters 67

Chart 23: Types of Sports Programmes Transmitted by the broadcasters 67

Chart 24: Size Of Male Audience 68

Chart 25: Average Age of the Male Audience 69

Chart 26: Size of Female Audience 69

Chart 27: Average Age of the Female Audience 70

Chart 28: Sports Audience Occupations 70

Chart 29: Source of Audience Data 71

Chart 30: Weekly Sports Programming Hours 71

Chart 31: Most Transmitted Sport 72

Chart 32: Top 5 Most Popular Sports 72

Chart 33: Most Popular European Football Leagues 73

Chart 34: Football Content Programming 74

Chart 35: Non-Football Content Programming 74

Chart 36: Proportion of Locally Sourced Sports Programming 75

Chart 37: Proportion of Internationally Sourced Sports Programming 75

Chart 38: Sports Content Acquisition Methods 76

Chart 39: Quality of Local Sports Content 76

Chart 40: Quality of International Sports Content 77

Chart 41: Price of Local Sports Content 77

Chart 42: Price of International Sports Content 78

Chart 43: Local Sports Content ROI 78

Chart 44: International Sports Content ROI 79

Chart 45: African Sports Content Wish List 79

Chart 46: Type of Sports Content Desired 80

Chart 47: Sharing of Broadcasting Rights 81

Chart 48: Annual Sports Programming Budget for interviewed TV broadcasters in Africa 81

Chart 49: Sports Programming Share in Annual Programming Budget 82

Chart 50: Football Content Budget Allocation 82

Chart 51: Non-Football Content Budget 83

Chart 52: Local Content Budget 83

Chart 53: International Content Budget 84

Chart 54: Constraints in Acquiring Content 84

Chart 55: Reasons For Constraints 85

Chart 56: Returns From Sports Programming among interviewed TV broadcasters in Africa 86

Chart 57: Sports Programming Revenue Streams for interviewed TV broadcasters 86

Chart 58: Sports Programming Advertisement Revenue 87

Chart 59: Sports Programming Sponsorship Revenue 87

Chart 60: Most Marketable Sports according to the interviewed TV broadcasters in Africa 88

Table 12: The most marketable sports according to the interviewed broadcasters are, in order of preferences: 88

Chart 61: Organisational Capability to Generate Value from Sports Content 89

Chart 62: Marketing and Sales Channels 89

Table 13: Participating Broadcasters 90

Chart 63: Type of Sports Content Suppliers 91

Table 14: Sports TV programmes distributed to TV broadcasters in Africa 92

Chart 64: Origins of Sports Content Supplied to TV broadcasters in Africa (1/2) 93

Chart 65: Origins of Sports Content Supplied to TV broadcasters in Africa (2/2) 93

Chart 66: Types of Sports Programmes Distributed to TV broadcasters in Africa (1/2) 94

Chart 67: Types of Sports Programmes Distributed to TV broadcasters in Africa (2/2) 94

Chart 68: Sports Broadcasting Rights Distributed 95

Chart 69: Marketing Sports Content Channels in Africa 95

Chart 70: African Marketing Footprint (1/2) 96

Chart 71: African Marketing Footprint (2/2) 96

Chart 72: Priority African Countries 97

Chart 73: Accessibility of the African Market 98

Chart 74: Africa’s demand for sports programmes 98

Chart 75: ROI of the African Market 99

Chart 76: African Market Constraints 100

Chart 77: African Market Constraints Overview 101

Chart 78: Maximising on Asset in the African Market 101

Chart 79: The African TV Market 102

Chart 80: FTA vs. Pay TV HH in Africa - 2012 103

Chart 81: US Pay TV and Pay Per View Sports Viewership 103

Table 15: List of African Sports TV platforms and channels available in Africa 104

Table 16 - Sports TV channels /platforms present in Africa 105

Chart 82: African Sports Channels Overview 107

Chart 83: Global Sports Events Market – Segmentation 108

Chart 84: International Rights Growth for European Football Leagues (in US$ million) 109

Chart 85: Global Sports Media Rights 2010 - 2015 110

Figure 2: US Sports Audience
Gender Division 111

Figure 3: US Sports Audience
Age Demographics 111

Table 17: Opportunities that could be achieved through sharing of sports programmes broadcasting rights between African broadcasters 112

Table 18: African Media market Segmentation (in US$) 113


Chart 86: Global Media Rights Growth By Region 2011 - 2015 116

Chart 87: Global Media Rights Growth 2010 - 2015 117

Chart 88: Estimated SSA FTA Budget Growth 2010 – 2030 117

Table 20: Annual African Sports TV Programming Airtime (in hours) - 2013 119

Chart 89: Sponsorship Revenue Growth by Region 2011- 2015 120

Table 21: Sponsorship Revenue by Region 2006 – 2015 120

Chart 90: Sponsorship Revenue Split by Region 2010 121

Chart 91: Global Sports Events Market 2009 122

Chart 92: Top Commercially Viable Sports in Africa 123

Chart 93: SSA FTA Sports Programming Airtime 124

Chart 94: SSA FTA Sports Programming Budget (in USD millions) 125

Chart 95: SABC Local Content Budget - 2013 131

Table 22: Sports Distributed In Africa (Content distributors’ responses) 132

Chart 96: Sports Transmitted - Ranking 133

Chart 97: Sports in Demand by interviewed African TV broadcasters 134

Chart 98: Most Marketable Sports 134

Chart 99: Type of Sports Programmes Distributed 135

Chart 100: Type of Sports Content In Demand 136

Chart 101: Target Distribution Regions Ranking 136

Chart 102: East African Media Consumer Dynamics 137

Chart 103: Southern African Media Consumers Dynamics 137

Chart 104: West African Media Consumers Dynamics 138

Chart 105: Central African Media Consumers Dynamics 139

Table 23: Africa KPI (TV internet Mobile) – 2011. 139

Chart 106: African Regional Broadcasting FTA TV Environment 140

Chart 107: ROI of African Market - Suppliers 141

Chart 108: Broadcaster’ Returns from Sports Programming 141

Chart 109: Market Constraints - Suppliers 142

Chart 110: Acquisation Constraints - Broadcasters 143

Figure 4: The Future African Sports TV Market 146

Table 24: Digital Migration Programme Implementation Progress - 2014 147

Chart 111: Global Sports Revenues 2006 - 2015 149

Chart 112: Global Revenue Split by Region 2010 150

Chart 113: Global Revenue growth by Region 2011-2015 150

Chart 114: Global Sports Event Market Growth 2005 - 2015 151

Chart 115: EPL Rights 2007 - 2016 152

Chart 116: UEFA Champions League TV Revenue 2003 - 2012 152

Chart 117: Global Media Rights Split by Region 153

Chart 118: Global Sports Sponsorship Market 2010 - 2015 153

Chart 119: Global Sports Sponsorship Revenue Split By Region 2010 154

Chart 120: Advertising Spend in Sub Saharan Africa 2007 - 2010 155


Chart 121: BRIC Sports Revenue 2010 - 2015 156

Figure 5: The African Digital Frontier - 2010 157

Chart 122: US Sports Consumption Mediums Review 158

Chart 123: Methods Sports Fans Use To Consumers Sports USA 2011 – 2013 159


Table 26 – Issues related to the Sports TV market in Africa – with potential solutions 162

Figure 6: Future growth of the African sports TV Market 172

Separate Excel tables:

• list of TV channels by country in Africa

• number of TV Households by country in Africa

• Diaspora population by country/region in the World


Directories/Contact list

• content distributors

• main sports TV broadcasters in Africa

• advert agencies

• media audience research companies

• list of key brands associated with/shaping/supporting sports in Africa

Report's value / testimonials:

"it is a good report and very necessary right now." wrote an African sports TV expert.

"The sports’ TV sector in Africa is largely under-developed despite several paradoxes. This survey is the first of its kind; it will provide the current state of the market and will highlight key strengths, gaps and opportunities of the sector to improve it over the next few years. This is why would like to invite TV broadcasters and content providers of sports TV programmes involved in Africa to take part in this research study." wrote Sylvain Béletre, analyst at Balancing Act.

"A pioneering and insightful study that clarifies the dynamics of the African Sports TV market to create certainty for all stakeholders involved in the market." wrote  Themba Ndlwana, co-author of the report.

"The TV sector in Africa needs to professionalise itself, and sport TV programmes is a large piece of the puzzle." wrote a TV consultant.

Authors: Themba Ndlwana| Gary Rathbone | Sylvain Béletre

Contributors: Russell Southwood | Gabriel Bartolini | Romain Court

This report is supported by the "DISCOP AFRICA" event to be held on 5-7 November 2014 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event includes a conference on "Sports Made in Africa" to take place on Friday 7th. November 2014. More info here.

Who should read this report?

Sports programme rights owners, African TV channels, Ministries of sports in Africa, sports federations and leagues in Africa, telecoms operators present in Africa, digital device vendors (smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TV sets) active in Africa, business angels, venture capitalists, private equity players, African governments, Ministries of Communications, communication regulators and development agencies, consultants, events' organisers, African broadcast and communication regulators, audiovisual content distributors and aggregators, large audiovisual media, audiovisual content producers, app developpers, Pay TV networks, DTH/DTT TV platforms, mobile services' players, satellite carriers.


Why should you read this report?

The report will save research time and cut costs and is essential reading for anyone involved, or planning to engage in the African sports TV programme sector. Executives trying to identify sports strategies in Africa will find the answer in this piece of research. The report is part of standard market intelligence for sports professionals and for TV broadcasters active in African regions. It took 3 research analysts 3 months to produce this report.

In French:

étude de marché

le secteur des programmes TV sportifs en Afrique


Ce rapport est une recherche inaugurale sur le continent africain. Son accent est mis sur l'offre et la demande du secteur des programmes TV sportifs en Afrique. 

Les résultats du sondage que nous avons analysé et les statistiques d'audience TV que nous avons réussi à rassembler dans plusieurs pays africains fournissent les observations suivantes :

Sur un continent possédant 100 Million de foyers équipés de postes de TV, le secteur des programmes sportifs en Afrique est un segment en renouveau, complexe et relativement inexploité surtout pour ce qui est de la diffusion de contenu national. 

Ce segment est largement sous- développé malgré plusieurs paradoxes ; le fait que l'Afrique détient 1 ) une très forte audience TV pour le sport, en particulier pour les programmes de football, 2 ) un grand nombre de chaînes de télévision et de plateformes de TV payantes, des réseaux TNT, 3 ) un vivier de talents sportifs de niveau international.

La population du continent africain a accès à environ (nombre par pays contenu dans le rapport) chaînes de télévision et à un nombre croissant de plates-formes TNT. Mais le continent compte peu de chaînes dédiées au sport - accessibles pour la plupart via un abonnement de télévision payante.

La majeure partie des programmes de télévision axés sur le sport en Afrique est un mélange de contenu européen et africain, ainsi que des programmes provenant du reste du monde.


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