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Sub-Saharan Africa's Broadcasting Landscape

Document type: Report
Availability: 16 July 2019
Publication date: 2 July 2019
Number of pages: 53

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Sub-Saharan Africa’s Broadcasting Landscape and Nine Key Markets. The report is a joint publication with one of the continent’s leading providers of mobile-based research and insights GeoPoll.

Market research data on broadcast audiences in Sub-Saharan Africa is always difficult to get and not always reliable. This reports provides key audience data for nine African markets from the very big to the much smaller. The countries covered are: Nigeria; Ethiopia; Tanzania; Kenya; DRC; Uganda; Ghana; Cameroon and Rwanda. It provides the following for each country:

- The ownership of key broadcast market leaders
- Estimated TV households
- The market share of leading channels
- The age and gender distribution of viewers
- The regional share of broadcasters’ audiences.

To put these markets into their broader context it offers the following:

- TV Households – The size of the TV market in Sub-Saharan Africa
- A Status check on DTT transition – an overview
- Liberalisation of the TV airwaves – a summary
- Potential growth factors

It also includes a description of key African broadcast trends supported by a range of data sources. For example, do you know how much time Africans in key markets spend on social media? Trends include:

- DTT – The African Multi-Channel Future
- VoD – When I want it, where I want it
- Social Media – The Battle for Attention
- Advertising and the Economic Slowdown

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Price: £1250.00

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