4G and 5G in Africa: launches, subscribers, data prices and trends

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Document type: Report, with accompanying excel sheet
Availability: March 2019
Publication date: 26 March 2019
Number of pages: 48

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The evolution of 4G across the 55 African countries has promised a great deal since the first commercial network went live in 2012. Now, with the continent on the cusp of the first 5G networks being launched, a lot of attention is being directed towards how successful 4G connectivity has been on the continent. Has it delivered the returns for the mobile network operators that have invested so much? Has it helped to contribute to the transformation of the digital lives of African consumers? Is the wider tech ecosystem thriving from launching a swath of products and services that are taking advantage of the greater capability that 4G offers?

The 4th edition of 4G & 5G in Africa reports deals directly with these questions. Analysis of 168 MNOs across the continent, 109 of which have commercially launched 4G, is included. For the first time in this report series MNO pricing has been examined with 52 companies pricing models for 500mb of prepaid data analysed. This research has then been cross referenced against every day data use, GDP per capita and compared to pricing in the UK, France and Sri Lanka.  

If you would like the opportunity to discuss the report with its author, Matthew Dawes, who is Head of Research at Balancing Act, email him on: mdawes@balancingact-africa.com to arrange a convenient time for you.



Price: £1400.00

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