4G/LTE network projects and launches in Africa (2015)

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Publication date: 1 June 2015
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Everyone in the industry knows that 4G/LTE services are being launched across Africa but very few people know exactly where and which operators are launching them.


As of 20th. April 2015, Balancing Act has recorded that 102 operators officially want to launch, have ran tests, or have launched 4G-LTE services in 35 African countries. But only 29 mobile operators have commercially launched 4G/LTE services in 17 of Africa’s 54 countries so far.

The number of 4G-LTE service announcements across Africa grows monthly.

Over the next 5 years, Balancing Act expects that between 100 and 150 operators in Africa will launch 4G-LTE.


Using a range of information, this piece of research looks at several areas:
1) the list of 4G/LTE services launches, pilot tests and upcoming projects by country; 
2) the list of operators launching 4G/LTE services;
3) and where available, 

This excel spreadsheet is available on demand within 14 working days so that we can supply the most recent updates.

It took 10 months for 2 analysts and several trips across the African continent to track the market and produce this report.

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Price: £660.00

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