African Fibre and Satellite Markets (2nd edition, May 2010)

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Publication date: 1 May 2010
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Once Africa had few international connectivity options bit now it has a widening number of choices from new fibre connections (notably SEACOM and TEAMS in Q2, 2009) to cheaper satellite connectivity (03B Networks in 2010). Therefore this report has been expanded to look at the interplay between fibre and satellite prices and the speed at which the market is making transition to increased fibre use.

# For fibre use, the report includes:

a full mapping of all known built and planned fibre routes;

an assessment of the likely routes that will get built;

existing and future fibre prices;

the impact of numbers of players in the market;

and profiles of main operators.

# For satellite use, the report includes:

coverage maps;

the impact of new fibre prices on satellite pricing;

an assessment of satellite markets after the fibre transition (rural areas, backhaul, redundancy and other applications);

key trends in satellite provision;

and profiles of main operators and resellers.

A new feature of the report will be a detailed section looking at demand for satellite bandwidth from African broadcasters and the likely impact of the transition to digital and HD broadcasting. 

This report can be updated and customised upon request for additional fees to cover research costs.

Price: £325.00

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