African VoIP Markets (2nd edition - update on demand)

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Publication date: 1 January 1970
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Africa’s VoIP traffic has been growing steadily over the last five years but most of this growth has been “below the radar”. Using data from our new African Voice and Data Bandwidth Forecasts (2007-2012 - see below), the report seeks to quantify the scale of existing “grey markets” and the rise of new legal VoIP markets. It includes current and historic data on fixed line international calling and equivalent grey market prices.

It also looks at the “state of play” for the transition to IP networks amongst African telcos (both mobile and fixed), ISPs and data carriers. It identifies those carriers that have made or will shortly make the transition to IP at different levels: international, national and local.

The report includes: International wholesale VoIP markets; Retail VoIP markets; PC-to-PC use; a survey of African corporate VoIP markets, particularly VPNs; the transition by carriers to IP networks; a regulatory state-of-play; and African VoIP futures (including double and triple play, mobile VoIP and VoIP peering).

Price: £350.00

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