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Publication date: 1 January 1970
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E-Health in Africa – needs, applications and field implementation

How something as vital as health could have been neglected so far by telecommunication players, especially in the mobile field? From a 'business' angle, the potential is enormous. E-health can not only cut massive costs, but it can also boost efficiencies among the medical profession.

As mobile access in Africa has increased its penetration, it makes sense to launch m-health applications in order to drastically improve health conditions.

Over the past few years, the underlying trends in the field of health are the rising cost of care, a growing population, more demand for healthcare services, the scarcity of healthcare workers, and reductions or small investments in public care facilities.

But each of these challenges can also be seen as an opportunity for operators, manufacturers of advanced mobile devices, Health professionals, NGOs, Governments and software vendors.

Most e-health pilots around the world have succeeded and it is now time for wide-scale implementation across Africa.

But a few questions remain:
What is the ideal business model for e-health in Africa?

How to convince health professionals to communicate with patients via teleconference, email or SMS? Will health workers talk to each others via e-means?

Will e-health solution providers designate and use the same standards and share information and experience?

Who will finance these solutions? Will African government contribute to the set up of these programmes?

Will e-Health develop into a fully sustainable and long-term business?

Will key stakeholders find common ground and work together in a way that is both profitable for the industry and beneficial for society?

This report potentially looks at:
1- What are the health priorities in Africa? 
2- What are the drivers behind implementing e-health applications on the continent?
3- What are the e-health applications used in Africa and outside of the continent?

How can e-health applications be used on the field?

What are the benefits behind each application?

4- How can African countries build a long term, sustainable and profitable economic model using E-Health tools?

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