Lebanon Telecoms and Internet Markets Report (Oct. 2012)

Telecoms and Internet Reports

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Publication date: 1 October 2012
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This country profile provides an analysis of the opportunities in Lebanon's Telecoms and Internet Markets. 

With Lebanon’s history, it would be easy to overlook the considerable advantages the country possesses. It has a well-educated population that has links all over the world through its diaspora. Many of its people speak at least three languages and its geographic location puts its at the heart of the Arab world. It has a relatively secure financial system and reasonably good infrastructure. The beauty of its setting and its size make it potentially attractive for tourists, businesses and investors. Different phases of Lebanon’s recent history (1975 – 2012) have affected the telecom sector, but today, the country has the talents and skills to create wealth for itself in the ICT sector and a diaspora that could make it a global player. 



Commentary on the strategic Telecoms and Internet Markets' opportunities

Key Data (2011-2012)

Key Issues

Country Background: geography, population, history, politics.

Economic Data: GDP, Public Debt, economy.

Summary description of the telecoms and Internet sector - history

Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) - Laws - Chronology of regulator’s difficulties

Fixed segment: 

 Mobile segment:

International Gateway (capacity)

Internet – Dial-up and broadband subscribers - Prices and internet connections - ISPs

Local Content, Services and Applications and the use of social media - top websites - ad spend

Convergence - digital TV

Digital equipment ownership (2011-2012)

List of charts and tables:

Chart 1: Breakdown of population – Urban vs Rural

Table 1: GDP Growth (2007-2012)

Table 2: Public debt (2007-2009)

Table 3: Chronology of regulator’s difficulties

Table 4: Penetration of households and offices by fixed lines (2008 – June 2011)

Table 5: New telecoms and Internet charges from November 2008

Table 6: Postpaid main tariffs (from 1 March 2009)

Table 7: Prepaid main tariffs (from 1 March 2009)

Table 8.1: torch plans

Table 8.2: alfa Wafer plans

Table 8.3: alfa U-Chat plans

Table 9: Data bundle price comparisons

Chart 2: Mobile subscribers (2001-2008)

Chart 3: Mobile penetration (2001-2011)

Table 10: Blended ARPU’s (2008-2011)

Table 11: alfa and touch subscribers (2007 – Q2, 2012)

Table 12: Prices of ADSL services (2012)

Table 13: ADSL and Internet Connections (2008 – Q2, 2012)

Table 14: Service providers

Table 15: Top 20 most used web sites

Authors: Charles Sarraf and Russell Southwood.

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Price: £500.00

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