Mobile Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Industry Report (2015)

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Publication date: 1 October 2015
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There are very few reports that review mobile financial solutions platforms across Africa. This report offers invaluably detailed and updated information on the state of play and the list of companies within this sector across the continent.

The explosion of mobile devices and internet connectivity has disrupted numerous industries due to changing consumer behavior and supplier value chains. Like Netflix for video, Spotify for music, Uber for taxis and Airbnb for hotels, shifting technology and customer interfaces have revolutionised value chains, often leaving the incumbents in a weaker position. Financial services, which have already experienced some disruptions through Square, PayPal, Kickstarter and others, are set to experience a significant shift as mobile devices become the most commonly used banking device, especially in developing markets.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Mobile Financial Services have been growing rapidly to become one of the key investment opportunities within the financial services and ICT markets. In many countries, there are more mobile accounts than bank accounts. New players have sprung up in various market segments and there is growing international interest from various types of investors.
Africa is a huge and compelling market for potential investors, three times the size of China, home to six out of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies, and to over a billion people, more than half of who have a mobile phone and 40% of who are living in urban areas. A large part of its young population is incredibly adept at figuring out new technologies and eager to use it.

Report structure:

The report contains three sections:

1. Consumer data, a sector’s description (the market, Mobile device penetration, key players : Operators, Banks, Devices and Aggregators ; services pictured on a Lumascape);

2. Industry trends and the evolution of adoption;

3. A directory of Companies and Services in the Mobile Financial Services Ecosystem sorted by service type. 

It is illustrated with charts, tables, and maps. 

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"We’ve read most of the what is available on the web and interviewed many key executives. We have identified results so far, innovations and best practices on what worked. Our research describes almost 200 players in this market segment. The good news is that those players are predominantly African companies, about 80%, while the rest are from Europe."

This report has taken 10 months for 2 analysts to produce (Nov. 2014 to August 2015).

Why buy this report?

The report will save research time, investment mistakes, travels and money and is essential reading for anyone involved, or planning to engage in the African mobile financial services sector. Executives trying to identify who the existing players and solutions are in Africa will find the answer in this piece of research. The report is part of standard market intelligence for professionals in the region. It highlights new opportunities for investment.

Who should buy this report?

African governments, mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, digital entrepreneurs, mobile terminal manufacturers and distributors, content and app solution aggregators, regulators, consultancy companies, lawyers, telecoms service providers, international organisations, financial analyst houses/banks/investors and conference organisers.

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Main report’s author, Jordan Gilham-Law, consultant at &Innovation

Nevo Hadas, CEO of &Innovation

With the support of 'Balancing Act' consultants and news service.


Custom research:

This report can be updated and customised upon request for additional fees to cover research costs.

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Price: £500.00

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