Mobile Internet in Africa - User survey results and report (Jan. 2011)

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Publication date: 24 January 2011
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Mobile phones in Africa are increasingly being used as a media to get information and use value added services. Whether it's checking market prices, transferring money or simply checking the latest news, Facebook or Wikipedia, mobile phones are transforming life in Africa.

Inevitably, the African mobile Internet market is due to explode. The number of mobile Internet subscribers in Africa has increased dramatically in the last 12-18 months, particularly in East Africa. In Kenya alone, mobile Internet subscribers grew from 1,562,065 in Q4 08/2009 to 3,059,906 in Q4 09/2010.  Smart phone and feature rich phones make up as much as 30% or more of the market in countries with higher numbers of mobile Internet subscribers. Additionally, literacy is a key factor in the development of the mobile Internet.

However, African mobile voice ARPUs (and margins) have decreased over the past few years, and only the launch of non-voice applications will allow local mobile operators to reverse this trend. Which mobile consumer applications are increasingly being used, and which ones are likely to take the lead?

The key to driving mobile data revenues upwards starts with an understanding of how Africans use the mobile Internet.

This report looks at the relationship between what can be delivered on different devices, how users are making use of different types of content and the types and levels of activities users have on different mobile services across Africa. It also assesses the willingness to spend in mobile applications. The types of Mobile Internet applications are defined as follows: music download, online news (World, Sport), social networking (including Facebook split), email, search engines. It also highlights the top ten websites accessed.

The research provides detailed user survey results from Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria and Kenya gathered by On-Device Research. Over 3400 people completed the survey on their mobile internet-enabled device, split across 4 countries. The study also includes a comparison with the UK and India.

The reports highlights that the mobile Internet market in the 4 countries analysed is still in early growth stage. Key findings include: Most Common Mobile Phones used in Africa, Percentage of Respondents using Opera Mini, Type of Use of Mobile Internet, Comparison of African Mobile Internet Usage, Number of Facebook users by country (August 2010), Mobile social networking users compared to percentage of Facebook users, Willingness to Spend Compared to Valid Bank Accounts, The top 12 countries using Opera Mobile in Africa, Top Countries by Page Views Per User, Top Countries by Data Transferred Per User, Top Ten Web Sites Accessed (June 2010), Top Five Sports Web Sites Accessed (Fen 2010-Oct 2010), Non-use of desktop Internet browsers in selected countries, Mobile Internet devices by manufacturer, Top genres of mobile Internet sites, UK-Africa comparisons – Top genres for mobile browsing, Mobile Internet genres – Opera vs Non-Opera, Africa vs UK and Opera vs Non-Opera, Mobile content purchasing – Opera vs Non-Opera.

Table 1: Survey samples - Number of Respondents from African Countries (Respondents/Country)
Nigeria: 1190 - Kenya: 1130 - Angola: 571 - Cameroon: 512

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