National backbone prices in Africa - Getting ready for the big squeeze (June 2010)

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Publication date: 1 June 2010
Number of pages: 13 pages (6 tables)

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Cheaper international fibre prices across Africa will mean that it will become cheaper to send traffic from Lagos to London than it will to send traffic from Lagos to Abuja. This briefing paper will look at how operators price their capacity and the impact of this new pressure on prices across the African continent.

The argument of this Briefing Paper is that a combination of the wider availability of international fibre capacity at low prices and greater levels of competition in the wholesale sector are beginning to exert a powerful downward pressure on national backbone rates.

A report by Balancing Act.
Researched and written by Russel Southwood.

This briefing paper is available and can be updated or customised on demand.

Price: £160.00

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