New international fibre players in Africa - Who’s promising what, when and where (June 2010)

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Document type: Briefing paper
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Publication date: 1 June 2010
Number of pages: 13 pages (5 tables, 1 map)

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ACE excluded, an estimated US$2.15 billion will be invested into the seven submarine cables entering Africa over the period 2009 - 2012 for which supply contracts have been signed. Plans are under way to build more international fibre cables up the unconnected coasts of Africa.

This briefing paper will bring you the latest on: who’s behind the different international fibre projects, their routings, their progress to completion and the prices being offered for their capacity across Africa. It will also identify the state of play in terms of how that capacity will be delivered to inland countries relevant to your operations. Lastly, it provides insights into how the market will most probably turn into, with relevant solutions, specifications and prices.

This report can be updated and customised upon request for additional fees to cover research costs.

Price: £620.00

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