Triple Play in Africa - how to succeed with bundled services (March 2010 - update on demand)

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Publication date: 1 March 2010
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In other continents, operators, VOD players and TV-Radio broadcasters who have set up a multi-play strategy have proven that it is a key element to further margin growth and positive cash flows, and to gain leadership in a competitive market. Multiplay services have positioned companies for solid years and have lowered churn rates despite a global economic downturn. Can this work in Africa?

A new breed of operators is now offering bundled services that include voice, Internet, TV and films in Africa. Broadcasters and audiovisual content holders need to make new alliances with telecoms operators to increase their revenues and audiences. Telecom service providers in Africa need to attract new clients using multi-play packages.

This briefing paper looks at who the multi-play players currently are in Africa, and what alliances are likely to emerge across the African continent.

It also provides related data on African countries that offer the largest potential for multi-play packages.

Why should you read this report?

The report will save research time and money to anyone trying to identify existing triple play offers across Africa and the relevant opportunities and barriers. It is essential reading for anyone involved, or planning to engage in the African triple play sector. This research is part of standard market intelligence for audiovisual and telecoms professionals in the region.

Who should read this report?

Triple play services and equipment providers, telecoms operators, telco vendors, IT and audiovisual solution suppliers, investors, marketers, government and development agencies, media regulators, CDN providers, content aggregators, audiovisual content suppliers, film makers, producers and distributors, IT integrators and digital home services suppliers.

Source: Balancing-Act 

Author: Russell Southwood.

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Price: £620.00

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